About Cultura Argentino-Brasileña

It is an Argentine institution of science, culture and technology (online) that offers both specialized services and courses that cover different areas of the human experience. CAB offers services in the areas of web design and development, creation and editing of explanatory videos for business promotion, consulting and translation. On the other hand, share courses in different areas, such as: languages, science and professional training. CAB is based in Argentina, but its services are international in scope. All your courses (and not just language ones) are based on a customized and enhanced version of the Natural Approach, a method that was first developed by Stephen Krashen and Tracy Terrell.

What makes Cultura Argentino-Brasileña so different from other language and professional training institutes is the fact that, in it, language students do not just acquire a new foreign language; neither do students of professional courses achieve only a new profession for themselves. Each CAB student acquires enough knowledge about many areas of human experience - so that they can communicate fluently in the most different aspects of social and private life. Language students learn culture, science, profession and even metaphysics. In the same way, professional training students learn the minimum that is required about foreign languages by companies today.

The Cultura Argentino-Brasileña believes that all types of knowledge are part of a greater knowledge, that is to say: all the different forms of human experience are connected at a certain point, and it is this - so to use a concept of the philosopher Hegel - "organicity" that CAB seeks to share with its students. The more understanding one has of different things, the easier it is for one to acquire new knowledge, since everything that exists brings a little of what it has from its "neighbor".

Although CAB is based in Argentina, its services are international and reach students from all over the world. The CAB was founded by Camila Quintero, who is Argentine, and by Diego Vianna dos Santos, Brazilian.


Pensé que se trataba de un buen curso, y que por eso iba a mejorar el conocimiento que ya tenía de inglés. Sin embargo el resultado fue muchísimo mejor de lo que pensé que sería, y ahora veo que no solamente logré la fluidez en inglés, pero también progresé mucho en conocimientos generales acerca de la vida.

Pablo (Punta Arenas, Chile)

Thanks to this course I learned Portuguese naturally and quickly. I'm so happy that I'll finally be able to travel to Brazil and talk to the natives who live there!

Matthew (Provo, Estados Unidos)